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As this idea rolled around in my heart for a few weeks, I knew I wanted to have a strong visual to bring it alive as a composition.  I wanted this artwork to resonate with the historical time during the Art Nouveau movement in which Gandhi lived. The monarch butterfly has represented change across many cultures for centuries. This female figure is not meant to be a fairy however, but it is more of a representation of the "hats" we  wear in our lifetime. Similar to putting on a uniform, this is a way we become the job. It's more of a nostalgic take on why a super hero would wear a costume. I've heard many interviews with ordinary citizens put in extraordinary circumstances where the news heralds them "A Hero." Almost always, this hero never feels deserving of the title, they were just doing their part. That's exactly the point behind putting on your wings. We all can be that hero to someone by being the change we want to see in this world. To learn more about my inspiration for this artwork, and the history of this quote, read my blog.

Be the Change

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