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My four elements series came from a place of personal introspection and inspiration. I wanted to create a series of four paintings (commissioned by American Bungalow magazine) that would speak to the divine. I wrote the mantras for each element as part of the artwork.

Through nature, I believe we are reminded everyday of what a miracle our Earth really is, and what a miracle it is that we are here to witness it all. Breathe in inspiration - Put down roots - Spread warmth and light - Begin refreshed and anew.

We can find solace in nature, and these words above are my interpretation of each of the four elements for Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. To me, this series of paintings represents a spiritual connection to our planet and also to our inner self. If we can focus on these ideas and remember to be awe struck at the nature around us, I think it's also a lesson to respect the nature within us.

Each of these forces of nature have the ability to instill wonder and fear, inspiration and terror, creation and destruction. It's how we interpret them that counts. Find the beauty and seek it out. Find the parts of ourselves that define who we are, and don't wavier in the weather of any particular storm we face. We know this planet is full of destructive forces, but that's not the impression we are left with most of the time. We choose to see what we want to see. The point is we can choose.​

Elements: Fire

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