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In these beautiful designs, artist Wade Johnson humbly attempts to capture the ancient spirit and lore of some of North America's greatest wildlife inhabitants, and their powerful spiritual relationships with the indigenous people.


Elk Medicine is a medicine of love and protection.  It is a love of gentle and respectful nature.  The elk is brave, and will always stand between on coming danger and it's herd.  The bull's mighty stance is that of the trees they live amongst with large strong antlers growing like branches from their heads.  The various tribes of Sioux all had Elk Dreamer Societies.  To be a member of these one would have to have a vision or dreams involving elk.  Members of these societies often wore and used items with elk imagery on them.  Look for some of this old imagery in "Elk Dreamer".  Other images in the piece are inspired by my own research, experiences, dreams, and time spent in the majestic Rocky Mountain National Park.


These prints are available in 8x10, 11x14, 16x20 & 24x36 Canvas Prints

Elk Dreamer: Stretched Canvas Print

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