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This Image's Creation Story:

Rocky Mountain National Park Spruce Canyon is one of the less visited areas on the east side of the park. But for those willing to trek there, particularly in the winter, it is exceptionally beautiful. When taking this photo, I was reminded of a makeshift summit register on the back of a cardboard chocolate wrapper that I once found on one of these high peaks. It was dated August 28, 1951 and was signed by five people from all across the country. FIRST ASCENT was scrawled in large block letters. It was a testament to the isolated unchanging nature of this place. Something worth protecting.



This image is available in 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14 Matted Prints and can be purchased as is, or framed with a handmade frame created by the Artist made from reclaimed wood.

Gabletop & Castle Rock

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