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Unleash your inner artist and bring your own winter wonderland to life with the art kit from Inspired Art Market! Whether you're young or just young at heart, this craft is perfect for all ages. Learn how to create your own unique winter scene using shrink film and modeling clay. Stencils are available to make the process even more enjoyable and take the stress out of drawing. Create a unique snow effect without the need for water, making it far less complicated and messy than a traditional snow globe. 


The Inspired Art Kits include all of the instructions and materials needed to create your one of a kind piece. Whether you want to join us for a drop-in class or take the kit home, experience the calming and colorful process of creating a unique piece of art. The instructions provided will guide you through the process; ensuring each participant will be proud of their piece at the end of the art experience. These are unique, one of a kind creations designed and made by you and your family.

Inspired Art Kit: Snow Globe

SKU: 7
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