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Create your very own woven fabric hiking bag with our art kit from Inspired Art Market! Learn how to weave fabric in-the-round to create a sturdy, functional pouch. Pick through our pre-cut assortment of different colored fabric strips to find the colors that compliment your own personal tastes. The finished bags are the perfect size for carrying snacks or hiking supplies... or, of course, art supplies for plein air activities! The bags come with two clips, so that the hiking bag can be worn on belt loops, attached to a backpack or satchel, or a strap can be attached and worn like a purse. This DIY project is a fun and practical way to express your creativity. With easy-to-follow instructions and high-quality materials, you'll be delighted with the end result. Let's get crafting together at the Inspired Art Market!


The Inspired Art Kits include all of the instructions and materials needed to create your one of a kind piece. Whether you want to join us for a drop-in class or take the kit home, experience the calming and colorful process of creating a unique piece of art. The instructions provided will guide you through the process; ensuring each participant will be proud of their piece at the end of the art experience. These are unique, one of a kind creations designed and made by you and your family.

Inspired Art Kit: Woven Fabric Hiking Bag

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