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What is one of the most important gifts you can give to others? JOY. Living in the Rocky Mountains, we get quite a few of these little hummers around, dancing from flower to flower. They bring a smile to my face with each and every meeting. They just can't help it, they spread joy everywhere they go! People can do that too. Sometimes, we just need a gentle reminder that we can spread joy, light, and warmth to each person we encounter. Afterall, joy is contagious.

This painting was inspired by a friend named Vic. He was larger than life, and his wife Patty and I worked for many together in the elearning industry before I came into my art career. Vic and Patty will always be shinning examples of "Joy Spreaders."   Vic would spend hours with his camera, ready to capture the hummingbirds in his backyard enjoying the Sunset Hyssop (Agastache) flowers. Thank you Patty for allowing me to reference Vic's photography, and carry on in the spreading of his joy.

The Hummingbird

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